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Exclusive Services

Music Immersion Massage

Full somatic immersion into your inner world.
This playlist driven massage is delivered with both of us in High end surround sound headphones.
There is no distractions from outside noise, No talking, just 90 minutes of floating mind and body.
Deep pressure techniques swim in your soft tissue along with the music.
It is the Ultimate Relaxation Massage.


Chakra Balancing
These simple sessions bring about a clearness in thought. Until you experience it for yourself it is hard to put into words.
This session is $40 for 30 minutes as a stand alone service.
Add it to any massage service for $20



Sports Massage and Performance Therapy
SPORTS MASSAGE Restores Function.
It balances your body in gravity.
You will:
Move Better
Sleep Better
 Heal Faster
 Recover from Injury or Heavy Workouts Faster
Reduce Inflammation 
Say "Goodbye" to Chronic Pain.
Advance Human Performance Therapy. 



Arm, Wrist, & Hand Therapy
We all depend on our hands.
Surgeons, Dentists, Tattoo Artists, Carpenters, Mechanics, Musicians
Keeping them in top condition will extend your career and keep you performing at a professional level.
But, Did you know...
Arm unwinding, elbow & wrist alignment, and hand opening
are critical components to alleviate and eliminate:
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Rib Pain
Breathing Restrictions
Low Back Pain
Dysfunctional Walking Patterns
It's True
For most clients that are only getting temporary results from chronic pain...
This may well be the missing component to their treatment plans.


Pain may express itself in one or two locations
It anchors itself throughout your entire body



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